Water Damage Restoration.

We proudly boast "best-in-class" specialty drying equipment.

Structural Drying and Bound Water

Flagship Restoration can prevent the many problems associated with severe water intrusion by using sophisticated techniques and drying equipment to properly address unwanted moisture and prevent mold growth. These advances have replaced the outdated concept of simple water removal combined with opening windows to allow natural drying of the affected structure and its components over a prolonged period of time. Gone are the days of cutting drywall at 4’ to “open up” the wall structure for drying. When possible, our approach is to dry the structure from the inside out with minimal damage and minimal repairs, resulting in a faster turnaround and lower claim cost.

Low-grain dehumidifiers, turbo air-movers, and injection-type wall and floor systems drive massive amounts of warm, dry air over wet surfaces and hidden cavities within hours of the water loss, immediately helping to prevent mold growth in your home and on your personal items. Typically our surgical drying techniques dry a home in 3-5 days followed by relatively simple repairs to baseboard, trim, drywall and flooring. In short – let us dry your home properly with the minimal required repairs so you can get back to your life – rather than weeks or months it would take to completely rebuild your home after unnecessary “wrecking ball” type demolition of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Water Damage FAQ

What should you do until we arrive?

Some tips of what to do and what not to do after a flooding / water leak occurs.

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