Mold Remediation.

We have certifications from nationally recognized industry leaders.

Mold is nature’s way of breaking down organic materials such as wood and leaves. It is common throughout the world and can never be completely eliminated from our everyday life (there is no such thing as a “mold-free” building).

Mold spores are literally in every breath we take, and for most of us, our bodies are designed to handle exposure to small amounts of mold on a regular basis. In fact, during different times of the year, mold levels in outdoor “fresh” air can spike unexpectedly, and most of us don’t even notice. However, when problems arise indoors (where we spend most of our time) and are allowed to flourish unchecked, mold levels indoors can be 20, 50, or 100+ times what even the highest levels would be outdoors. More and more, our homes and businesses are being designed for much higher energy efficiencies, resulting in a “tight” building envelope. A simple undetected water leak can render a certain room or entire home uninhabitable until and unless the mold growth is addressed and the indoor environment is properly cleaned.

Moreover, mold affects all of us differently. Most of the symptoms people experience with mold exposure tend to be respiratory (although some people experience rashes, watery eyes, and dizziness). Some people are pre-disposed to have respiratory complications or weakened immune systems that can make their exposure to mold much more uncomfortable and dangerous than someone sitting right next to them. Oftentimes, indoor mold contamination can go undetected until symptoms appear. If you or someone you know is concerned about potential mold issues in their home or workplace, contact the experts at Flagship Restoration. After a phone consultation, the next step is to schedule a mold inspection and assessment by one of our certified professionals. The team at Flagship Restoration has obtained certifications from nationally recognized industry leaders in mold inspection and mold remediation. We will help identify mold contamination, quantify the problem with air sampling data, and give you options for a remediation plan that will work for you.

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