Mold Remediation.

We have certifications from nationally recognized industry leaders.

Mold Assessment

At Flagship Restoration, all mold inspections are conducted by a certified Mold Remediation Technician with years of experience and training. Mold and water damage is our business — not a sidejob. The sensitivity of the situation or the occupants and the extent of the damage can certainly have an affect on the cost of remediation, so we like to sit down with all interested parties to discuss the issue and possible solutions in detail so that everyone is on the same page and all questions are answered.

We have performed mold remediation projects in many residential homes/condos/apartments, health care and elderly care facilities, and commercial office environments. If you have a property with a mold issue in West Michigan, call the team at Flagship Restoration for a no-charge phone consultation or to schedule an inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mold Remediation FAQ