Fire Damage Restoration.

We proudly boast "best-in-class" specialty drying equipment.

Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment

While the first hours or days can seem insurmountable to you, we have developed a proven method to the madness. Personal contents should be packed out for offsite evaluation and cleaning with the latest equipment and techniques. Think about all of your things that may have been affected: dishes, food items, clothing and linens, electronics, documents, photos, books – each of these require special care.

After contents are offsite, your home will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. Your home needs to be assessed for potential structural damage from the fire so it can be properly repaired to local building codes meant to keep your family safe in the future.

Materials that are damaged (or where cleanup costs outweigh the cost of replacement) will be carefully removed and discarded. Smoke and soot must be cleaned from walls and ceilings to prep for fresh paint. Different types of flooring present a variety of challenges for proper cleanup. Even after cleanup, the odor can linger unless proper deodorization equipment is setup and monitored.

At Flagship Restoration, we have the training and expertise to think of everything, and to manage the project to completion. Many of these tasks will be happening in parallel and coordinated with reconstruction efforts to get you back in your home as fast as possible. Yes, your home can be restored and put back to pre-loss condition – trust the experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fire Damage FAQ